Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I submit a guest Video?
A. Anyone, of any age, in any location can submit their writing to the site. Just login into DGFG or post video on Facebook #DGFGINDIA.

Q. Why was my comment deleted?
A. We are a huge proponent of free speech, and we by no means want to limit the conversations these posts inspire. However, we take an active role in moderating this site to keep it a place that feels safe for open, authentic connecting. If your video & comment appears hostile or offensive to any of the writers or readers here, we will delete it.

Q. I want to know about Arpana Trust
A. Please check

Q. Can we make exactly same videos as our friends?
A. Of course you can! What better than duplicating goodness but you can surely tickle the creative side of yours by coming up with new kindness ideas.

Q. What are the end uses of these Films?
A. To instil humanity in people which is fast fading away. To raise awareness for social issues and Not- for- profits. It will be a movement driven by the passion and excitement of youth across India.